Here we go Again…

Eden is OFF her insulin pump.


As I mentioned the other day – Eden brought up wanting to take another pump vacation over the Summer. She said it right before I was about to re-insert another site because her brand new one from that morning had come out of her body whilst swimming..


We have ALWAYS had a problem with keeping her sites attached when swimming – we have never quite gone to this extreme – but I have certainly wanted to 😉

Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


When I mentioned to Eden that she would NEED to wear her insulin pump next week when she had basketball camp – I think that sealed the deal..


She ALWAYS takes her pump off when she plays and practices basketball.. Not absolutely necessary but she doesn’t like the feeling of it bobbing around when she runs – even though we bought her a special belt to wear so it wouldn’t – yeah, guess what? she won’t wear it…When practice is only 2 hours long it is not that big of a deal – but when she is going to have basketball from 9am – 2.30pm – THAT is a problem.


Remember – not only does her pump provide her with insulin when needed for meals and to correct a high blood sugar level – it also provides a steady trickle of insulin 24 hours a day called a BASAL rate. This basal is EXTREMELY important – without it she can quickly head into the danger zone of high blood sugars and potential DKA. Not being attached to her pump during basketball camp would create an extreme challenge trying to balance her exercise and insulin needs..


SO – she got her first shot this morning and is OFF her pump..


Not that we aren’t going to have our challenges with shots ?!


One of the awesome things about her pump is that we can adjust her basal rates during the night after extremely active days so she doesn’t get as much insulin and thus reducing the risk of a crashing blood sugar in the middle of the night.. With shots – the insulin is already in her body – no adjusting that!


Hoping for a smooth transition – next week is going to be challenging as we adjust to a new Summer schedule, insulin regime, HOT temperatures and extreme activity..



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