Stepping up – but Stepping Backwards…

Yesterday was FREE donut day at Krispy Kreme… yum 🙂


How can you pass up FREE donuts ?!





Image found on Photobucket

Image found on Photobucket


Eden is in LOVE with food – unfortunately a lot of it the junky kind – we do NOT buy it often, but when we do it seems to come and go in waves…


First day of Summer break and Ally was having fun at a friends house – playing volleyball and having a sleepover. Poor Eden was stuck at home cleaning, organizing and doing yard work in preparation for Nana & Grandpa visiting from Australia tomorrow ..


As a treat – and also I admit – because I was too lazy to cook after a full day of chores – we got McDonalds for dinner.. We don’t have it often – and we always seem to have it when Ally is not around because she is a vegetarian …


So – McDonalds Thursday night and then FREE donut day yesterday…


YES – Eden can eat anything, but it doesn’t mean I don’t cringe when it is something sugar and fat laden that I know will most likely throw her blood sugar numbers out of whack.. We have yet to master the McDonalds dosing and she ALWAYS seems to run high afterwards no matter what we do (similar to pizza and the dreaded pretzel roll)


For Eden’s birthday last year we got her a $10 gift card to Krispy Kreme so she could have a treat every now and then… hmmmm…. her birthday was almost a YEAR ago and she has asked to go there pretty much every time we drive by, but we don’t stop and always seem to find an excuse.. Yesterday I had no more excuses – we were there getting our free donuts so Eden brought her gift card and got a DOZEN donuts…


a DOZEN … NO she can’t sit there and eat donut after donut but she certainly would if she could !


Probably NOT the best timing since we changed from insulin pump to shots yesterday… We were finally in a REALLY good place with Eden’s blood sugar numbers. We felt like we had her pump settings perfect and she was getting the correct basal rates after months of tweaking… Her average blood sugar was 170 – which is VERY GOOD compared to where we had been months earlier..


Second day in and her numbers have been terrible – remaining 10 donuts are getting packed up and put in the freezer. They are NOT the entire problem – Eden’s body is still adjusting to the change from pump to shots – but they certainly are not helping our cause..


I totally, completely understand WHY Eden wanted to go off her insulin pump – but it really is SO MUCH better on her pump..


Eden has totally stepped up, taken control and has been measuring and drawing out her own insulin

– completely on her own without prompting –



Unfortunately it still feels like we have just taken huge steps backwards towards her daily management..



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