Gym Rat 🏀

A LOT of Eden’s Summer is going to be spent in the gym… what does that mean?


D-Mom is a gym rat too..


First day of her first of FOUR basketball camps this Summer and I spent 6 hours at the gym too (besides a quick trip to run visiting Nana & Grandpa home) I’m bringing a COMFY chair tomorrow 😉


Apart from the sore butt and back – I REALLY enjoyed it – BOTH of my girls were in the same place at the same time playing basketball today !!


Was nice to not have to worry about Eden’s insulin pump but I really had to re-think the way we usually handle things when she is playing basketball.. We were kind of in a rhythm with the way we did things – how many carbs bring her blood sugar levels up, etc.. that all changed when she switched back to shots.


I fully expected her to run low because she already had her basal insulin injection – versus – getting it from her pump and thus not getting insulin for a period of time when disconnected for basketball..

I gather it was because of the excitement and adrenaline of the first day she was running in the mid 200’s all morning instead of low as I expected.. Lunch time check and she continued to climb even after almost 3 hours of basketball – topping out at 291 .. I dosed her about 20 carbs less for her lunch but she STILL managed to crash 30 minutes later… good thing I decided to buy some regular (carb loaded) Gatorade… took another hour and almost a full bottle of gatorade to get her to a good stable level.. of course she played on in the mean time – I just watched closely from the sidelines and she tested every 15 minutes until she was out of the danger zone.


wonder what tonight will bring after 6 hours of exercise today???


AND we get to do it all again tomorrow!!

My bet – T1D won’t so the same thing 2 days in a row…



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