Day 2 – Camp # 1

Thankfully Eden’s blood sugar levels stayed pretty stable last night .. no crazy lows or drops after so much exercise yesterday. This is the first extensive basketball camp Eden has done since her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.


Blood sugar levels were VERY good last night

– especially compared to how they had been the nights and days prior due to switching from pump to shots..


NO way to know whether it was due to the exercise or due to her body finally adjusting to the changes and me upping her basal rate dosages.


6 more hours of exercise today and her levels were running MUCH lower than yesterday. Assuming we were not dealing with the excitement factor of the first day and were also seeing the effects of her exercise from the day before.


REMEMBER – it can take 24 HOURS for Eden’s body and thus blood sugar levels to be effected from exercise.


I dosed her approximately 35 carbs LESS for lunch today and she STILL dropped low after lunch – needing carb loaded gatorade, gummy fruit pieces and frequent blood sugar checks..


First alert for me was the fact that she was NOT following instructions and adjusting to the changes the coach was making. I could tell she was in “la-la land” and was not able to concentrate – I signaled for her to come check her blood sugar and sure enough she was in the 60’s.


I HATE seeing her out there not giving 100%, nodding her head like she understands but seeing a blank look in her eyes. There is NO WAY I could not be there observing her as she didn’t feel it and would never have checked her blood sugar on her own – easily leading to disaster – quickly….


Tomorrow I guess I will not bother dosing her for lunch AT ALL or at least very minimally…  fingers crossed it works!



2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Camp # 1

  1. This week would have been Ian’s first basketball camp on the pump. Alas, he’s sick. He’s been following a sick day plan pretty much since Sunday afternoon. He seems to be feeling better and then he regresses. I would have been there too, like you, watching the whole time. Hope the rest of the week goes well!

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