Exercise Overload … ZERO insulin – NOT A CURE

hours upon hours of basketball finally caught up with Eden


I LOVE that she can most times feel her blood sugar dropping (unless sleeping).. but HATE when I hear the words – “Mum, I feel low.”


I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach waiting to see what blood sugar number will show on the screen and running the play by play in my mind of what I need to grab while the meter is counting down.


After dinner last night Eden decided she wanted to jump in the pool and cool off.. As I headed out the back door to the pool and she headed to get her bathing suit on I reminded her to grab her blood sugar meter (which also carries a stash of sugar) when she came back out.


She was NOT in the pool very long before she came and asked me if I grabbed her meter because she felt low. Nope – she was supposed to get it but didn’t. I raced inside, got her meter, she tested and was only 40


very low – and very dangerous –

especially whilst in the pool..



AND right after just eating dinner (which we dosed a lot less for) AND with a lot of insulin still active and working in her body. A full bag of fruit pieces, juice, cookie AND a bowl of ice cream and she still only gradually rose to 91 before heading to bed a couple of hours later. Needless to say she got tested multiple times during the night and I did not give her any insulin when I technically should have at 3am…


Image found on Pinterest



Today – another example and THANK GOODNESS Eden listened to her body.


30 minutes into Day #3 of her basketball camp this morning and she came running to the sidelines telling me she felt low. Yup – only 44


In ALL of the hundreds of times she has been playing basketball she has NEVER, EVER run off the court during practice to check her blood sugar unless I have signaled to her to do so. She must have felt really crappy – and there is NO WAY I would have checked her for at least another 30 minutes because I barely dosed her anything for her breakfast right before we left the house.


15 minutes – 2 packets of fruit pieces, carb loaded gatorade, glucose tabs and some peanut butter crackers and she was finally able to get back on the basketball court and continue playing.


When lunch time came around – they brought in pizza… you should all know by now that pizza usually is very difficult and causes a high blood sugar spike hours later… I DID NOT give Eden ANY insulin at all for her 2 pieces of pizza…


In 6 hours – Eden had approximately 160 carbohydrates and ZERO INSULIN – to counterbalance the exercise from today and the 2 days prior..


holy moly – what will Day #4 bring ?


and NO – just because she required ZERO insulin during basketball camp today does NOT MEAN that exercise cures Type 1 Diabetes.


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