Low blood sugar – MUST eat …

Eden has definitely had her fair share of low blood sugars the past few days.


Once again she crashed this afternoon after a full day of exercise…


I ran to a friends house to quickly drop something off and left Eden home with sister and visiting grandparents.


As I was driving in my driveway I got a text from Eden – “I tested because I felt low – I’m 58”


I probably should have know better than to leave when her pattern the last couple of days has been crashing – but I did – and Eden handled it perfectly..


As I walked in the door she was getting herself some fruit snacks but was NOT a very happy camper.


Low blood sugar makes her feel yucky.

shaky. jittery and HUNGRY…

beyond hungry because her body desperately NEEDS glucose to fuel it otherwise she WILL literally pass out if she doesn’t get it…


It is SO very difficult to try to keep her from eating too much too soon – I know if I hadn’t gotten back to the house this would have been Eden 😉


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


One thought on “Low blood sugar – MUST eat …

  1. Reblogged this on Dear Diabetes, You Suck. and commented:
    Great description of a low and an even better picture… during one particularly bad low I expressed my feelings by saying “I want one thousand waffles” (said in a spacey drone voice) — now it’s become a joke, so I’ll say that instead of just saying that I feel low.

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