Playing Catch up… 

I don’t like the feeling of being behind and playing catch up –  but today that’s how I feel..


I have had a hard time keeping up with my Blog the past few days – with family visiting and a hectic schedule I haven’t been able to spend the time I usually do at my computer… I am the kind of person who tries to ALWAYS do what I say I am going to do – in everything in life – I think it is incredibly important – but I wasn’t able to manage it this past week..


No-one probably noticed or missed my updates – but I did


Here is a short recap…


We ran into another T1D at a basketball tournament!!! that hasn’t happened yet – AND he had a DAD – not the kind of DAD you are thinking either… He had a Diabetes Alert Dog ..


Can you say awesome ?!?!


I follow a few families on Facebook who are lucky enough to have DAD’s – Eden DESPERATELY wants one – especially after seeing one in public – but with 2 dogs already in the house it certainly won’t be happening in a hurry… DAD’s alert to their T1D’s high and low blood sugar levels – meaning that you can catch highs before they are too high and lows before they are too low… I would LOVE one too for peace of mind – maybe in a few years as Eden ventures out more and more on her own we can explore the idea.. goodness knows it is going to be incredibly hard (for me) when she is out in the big bad world trying to manage this disease as a teenager.



I missed publicly wishing my wonderful partner in crime a Happy Father’s Day..


D-Dad is a wonderful father – actually sometimes another big kid in the house – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The girls absolutely adore their dad as do I…

A fun, kind, caring and loving man who shows his family how much they are loved every single day.

I could not have chosen a better partner for myself or father for my children..

love you D-Dad.. xoxo



We have had our fair share of low blood sugars – DAILY… I might need to put in a call to Eden’s specialist doctor – even with zero exercise yesterday Eden was still low plus she has been running consistently high every single night. Even the nights with heavy exercise – she has not been dropping as she usually would when on her pump. Think some more changes are in order although when to make them ?? Eden starts another 3-day basketball camp tomorrow  – maybe she WILL run lower at night this time ?? Honestly I’d prefer higher rather than lower – especially at night.


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


Eden has been doing an absolutely AMAZING job calculating her carbs and drawing out her own insulin pretty much EVERY time she eats. The last few days I have been a distant observer, letting her take control whilst observing from the sidelines.. Maybe that has a small part in her low blood sugars too ?? I don’t always know or see what she is dosing until she is handing me the syringe to inject her with…

Eden hasn’t conquered self injecting and isn’t interested in doing it yet… I’m very happy she has been so proactive in other areas of her management though – and will inject the insulin for her if that is what she needs at this point in time…


I am extremely proud of how much Eden has stepped up and taken control of her disease this Summer 🙂


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