That little pill …

Eden has to take a pill every morning to help with her thyroid function… another auto-immune issue to go along with her Type 1 Diabetes..


Thankfully it is just a little pill – but you would think some days taking it was the end of the world.


Eden has endured thousands of needles over the years but I would bet one of the things she hates the MOST is taking that little pill in the morning.


Her dosage has increased over the past year – probably due to growth – but just as likely because she goes through spurts where she doesn’t take them and that affects her blood test results. It also means that the pill has gotten larger – not much – but enough to cause problems…


For a long time Eden would SAY she had taken her pill – turned the container upside down on the counter which is her symbol that it has been taken. Every week I would check quantities and count them and be on to the fact that she hadn’t been taking them. The other morning I brought her pill to her in bed.. while she THOUGHT I wasn’t looking she put the pill in her other hand and into her lap, taking a drink of water and trying to fool me… I caught her and of course tried to explain AGAIN how important it was for her health to take her thyroid medication…


I read something online the other day about thyroid issues causing hair loss. I don’t know if it was referring to hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism because I didn’t read the entire thing – but I told Eden that I had learned something.. Of course she asked what – and I told her that thyroid issues caused hair loss..


I didn’t make it a huge deal – just stated a fact

Did it get her attention? YUP – sure did


The look on her face was pure horror as she put her hands to her head and ran them through her hair..


The need for her thyroid medication isn’t going anywhere and we have enough to deal with without fighting every morning about her taking that darn tiny little pill. Hopefully she will stop being sneaky about taking her pill – she values her hair too much



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