the High Blood Sugar Devil …. 

Heads up – I’m going to complain a little bit… sorry in advance – but it is our truth living with Type 1 Diabetes


I’m frustrated. really frustrated


Type 1 Diabetes can be SUCH a mood killer..


I wrote earlier in the week about Eden having multiple low blood sugars during the day…. Of course I was worried about them because low blood sugars are immediately dangerous.


Typical to the T1D rollercoaster – Now I’m frustrated and aggravated because of non stop HIGH blood sugars…




Did we change anything? NO – in fact she has been exercising today – which would USUALLY mean she would run on the lower end..


NOPE – D is messing with us – high all night and now all day ?!


usually I try to let the numbers just roll off my back – today they are frustrating me.. actually – I probably need to clarify that – the BAD attitude and grumpiness that goes along with high blood sugars are frustrating me more than the actual number?!?!



It is SO difficult to feel compassionate for your daughter whose moods fluctuate so much with her blood sugar levels. I KNOW for the most part they are out of her control – she cannot HELP the way T1D makes her feel and the emotions that come along with it but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating!


grrr….. sorry – rant over.. I feel better now 😉



One thought on “the High Blood Sugar Devil …. 

  1. We all need a little rant every once in a while. It’s a vicious cycle. One minute you think you have a handle on things and before you know it D gives you a reality check and bites you in the ass. I woke up at 4:00 am with a BG of 137. Two hours later 278. I had nothing in between.

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