Camp DMC … 

A girl – her favorite thing and her basketball idol




Day #1


Eden was SO incredibly nervous the entire drive there – holy moly – she was going to finally MEET her basketball idol – NBA Star DeMarcus Cousins… Of course her blood sugar numbers paid the price – which I was ready for – due to her nervous excitement..


What I was NOT READY for was the fact that Eden and her group left the building!!!

I didn’t know they were leaving until they walked out – didn’t know where they were going and I was a complete and utter nervous wreck the entire time she was gone…


  • She had NO blood sugar meter with her
  • She had NO form of sugar with her and NO-ONE she was with knew what to do in case she had a low blood sugar episode
  • My only saving grace was the fact that hopefully her nervous adrenaline was going to keep her numbers up until she got back.


I tried leaving my seat to look for her with no luck – unfortunately all parents were seated high up in the bleachers away from the kids.. I am SO used to being able to clearly see her face and have her run over to me to test her blood sugar levels if I signal to her and think it necessary… I can tell by her face and demeanor on the basketball court that something is off usually before she does.. That wasn’t happening at this camp and I was NOT mentally prepared for it. She was gone for only 15-20 minutes – but boy, were those minutes LONG..


Yes, I could have made big fuss – found someone to tell me immediately where she was – but I didn’t.. I trusted in the fact that Eden would listen closely to her body and tell someone if something was wrong. It was incredibly difficult and was pure torture – but I did it and both Eden and myself survived.


Eden had a blast the first day – went up against Big Cuz himself with a Euro step layup..




He was kind the first time – letting her score on him – even gave her a pat on the back and a “good job” ..


Subsequent times he blocked her shot and swatted the ball away 🙂


I think that was the highlight of the day for her – and the fact she got called out as a stand out camper doing a great job and earned herself some pretty cool DMC socks 🙂


I earned a few more grey hairs that day

but it was all worth it..


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