Sugar in Pocket …

DMC Camp – Day #2


If you didn’t read about Day #1 – you can do so here..



Day #2 started with SUGAR IN POCKET..


There was NO WAY I was going to let the same thing happen 2 days in a row.. don’t think my heart could take it. I also warned Eden that I would be speaking to the Head Coach before the day started..


The camp was more than just about basketball skills – they were teaching life skills to help the kids get to the next level of basketball and more to the point – grow up to be good people.


There were talks about getting good grades, bullying and drugs. The entire camp was extremely disciplined – important in life but also when dealing with 180 kids! With it being so disciplined – I needed to be sure that Eden would feel comfortable with leaving the court if she felt necessary..


Eden does NOT like to be the center of attention – she really didn’t want me to speak with the Coach – but she had no choice.


Coach was super understanding. I didn’t want to make too big a deal about it – or make him think that Eden needed special treatment – because she doesn’t. I just wanted to be sure that Eden would feel comfortable and know that if she needed to remove herself from the basketball court she could – without looking like she was being defiant and breaking the rules. I told him that she would be carrying sugar and that yesterday had sent me into a slight panic.


The beginning of camp instruction now included a segment about kids that had medical conditions… He did not single out Eden – but mentioned if there were kids that needed to tend to a medical condition, whether it be asthma or to test their blood sugar – they did NOT NEED to get permission from him to do so. They could remove themselves at any point during the day if necessary..


Phew … Talk about RELIEF!


Of course Eden looked straight at me whilst he was saying those words – with slight dagger eyes and a wry smile. She knew it was probably because of me and my talk with the Coach – He handled it perfectly and I was more than grateful.


We made it through Day #2 – without needing to use the sugar in her pocket. I would sneak down the side stairs every time they had a break to remind her to check her blood sugar.. Trying to keep out of view from all of the other kids so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.. She was running high again today – but I waited until we got to the car to give her any insulin in case she crashed during camp.. Would much rather she crash at home than on the basketball court!


Another great day at camp but those high blood sugar levels frustrate me SO MUCH..


Eden is such a capable basketball player – but as I have mentioned before – high blood sugar levels = inability to concentrate, slower movements and Eden is very easily distracted.. Not so good when Coach expects eyes on him every time he is speaking..




NO Eden doesn’t require special treatment because of her Type 1 Diabetes – but she DOES need to learn to somehow fight through the haze and heavy feeling that her body gets weighed down by when she is high..


I hope more than anything that with age and maturity she will be able to do that. It’s one thing to have a 504 plan in place at school where Eden can re-take tests if her blood sugar is out of range..


She is NOT going to get that same chance on the basketball court…


It might sound like I am making excuses for Eden – I’m not – I’m really not…

I just want people to understand that Type 1 Diabetes is an INVISIBLE DISEASE that Eden and other T1D fight against 24hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. …



The battle is HER FUTURE,  something she will need to fight against forever and I don’t want it to change her direction in life…

Something that crosses my mind almost daily…




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