Shell Shocked …


Final Day – DMC Camp – In case you missed it … (Day #2 – here) (Day #1 here)



I am humbled and honored and Eden is absolutely over the moon.


The last day of camp was clearly the highlight

and will not be forgotten – EVER.



All the campers were able to bring one item for DeMarcus to autograph – Eden brought her basketball.. surprise surprise..


After signing her basketball, Eden was walking away from the table and DeMarcus called her back to speak with her


He asked Eden if she had Type 1 Diabetes..


When she responded “YES”  – one of the things he said was that he knew her story and that he had read my Blog.. 🙂


Can you say WOW ?!


Unfortunately I wasn’t there to witness it first hand but I was watching from a distance – wondering what on earth he was saying to her. Watching her walk across the court to put her ball away she had the biggest smile and a look of shock on her face. D-dad – who had come for an hour or so of the last day of camp met her at the back stairs and got the scoop – and a picture. She wanted to tell me in person – so I had to wait – and wait – and wait – until the end of the day to find out …





Eden was obviously BEYOND thrilled and to be honest

a little shell shocked…


Her basketball idol knew who she was ?!?!



Don’t know that we will see the kind of smile she had on her face for a long, long time…


I know DeMarcus comes across thousands of children and fans who look up to him – but for him to recognize Eden and speak to her individually about something so personal made a huge impact on our entire family.


It is going to be hard to top that one .. a day that will be etched in her memory and mine forever.


Thank you DeMarcus !!

for making Eden feel incredibly special

and of course for reading my Blog 🙂



4 thoughts on “Shell Shocked …

  1. That is just fantastic. What a special day and a wonderful memory for Eden and you all. You are all incredible. And as for DeMarcus, what a guy! Awesome Eden ♡♥

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