huh?! what ?!

Eden must have REALLY wanted to eat this morning..


Summer vacation and our first week with nowhere to be first thing in the morning means sleeping in and a late start to the day.


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


I woke Eden at 8am to give her long-acting insulin injection – I’m getting used to jabbing a sleeping Eden with needles and she usually sleeps right through it – this time I had to wake her because she was all tangled in her blanket and I couldn’t get to her arm. I also tested her blood sugar – which was not too bad after a rough night and decided to let her go back to sleep.


I went on to drink my coffee, check emails, shower and get ready for my day.. Getting out of the shower Eden surprises me (well probably tried to scare me) and asked if she could have one of the donuts out of the freezer .. (you can read about donut story here)


I made sure she had taken her pill – she needs to wait at least 30 minutes before eating – and reminded her to check her blood sugar again so she would have an accurate insulin dosage. She skipped off down the hallway VERY happy to be able to eat a donut.


A few minutes later – I myself walk down the hallway and see Eden sitting at the table EATING…. 


I start to get MAD inside – She should NOT BE EATING until she has had her insulin.. Eden gets distracted and excited about food ALL THE TIME so I figured this was another of those times…


I call out her name and say – “Eden – what are you doing? You need your shot before you start eating!!!”


Her response – a very casual –  I DID IT …


huh?! what ?!

Eden GAVE HERSELF HER INSULIN INJECTION this morning!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



She must have REALLY wanted that donut – because she couldn’t wait the five minutes for me to get dressed and head to the kitchen…


Yeah – I really like donuts today.. they totally motivated Eden .. I high fived her elbow because she had sticky donut hands and was beyond happy and thrilled and proud…


In true Eden form – she acted like it was no big deal.


Here’s to hoping she keeps up this amazing trend in responsibility… I know there are lots of kids that have already reached this milestone but we have had lots of struggles and hiccups along the way.


Eden is really shining this Summer and I couldn’t be happier right now…



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