D-mom the Detective …


As a Type 1 Diabetic there is no just taking your insulin a few times a day and going on your merry way.


There are ALWAYS going to be requirements for tweaking your insulin requirements based on lots of different factors.


This tweaking in a growing, changing pre-teen body

seems like it is never ending.



We have changed our usual routine of late  –


    • Summer break & warmer weather
    • Change in routine & sleeping habits
    • Change in eating times & food choices
    • Additional exercise
    • NO insulin pump – injections and 2 types of insulin in lieu of 1


All of these changes have made it difficult for me to figure out the culprit of her high night time blood sugar numbers. 


D-mom has become a bit of a detective this morning …

  • pulled out our big 200 page “Understanding Diabetes” book (trust me – some days there is NO UNDERSTANDING T1D)
  • reviewed a few articles online
  • looked over her blood sugar numbers for the past week
  • pulled out my notes from her previous Dr’s appointment


Image found on Photobucket

Image found on Photobucket


Higher night time numbers are not uncommon as growth hormones are released during the night. Could be something as simple as a growth spurt – but in my previous experience that would mean Eden’s insulin requirements would need adjusting during the day too.. We have been seeing some pretty good numbers during the day lately 🙂


It has also been taking more and more insulin to bring Eden’s blood sugar numbers in range during the night. Sometimes needing 3 shots between 12-6am but still waking up with elevated numbers.


Just tweaked her insulin sensitivity between the hours of 12am – 6am so that when we test her blood sugar in the middle of the night the calculations will automatically give more insulin.. (we still use the programming in her insulin pump to calculate insulin dosages whilst on injections)


Will see how that works for a few days – next step – call Dr….


I know that is what he is there for – but if we called the Dr every time we scratched our heads about T1D we would be constantly stalking him…




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