Trusting Your Instincts … 


Eden’s insulin pump is essentially a computer that we have programmed with various settings and it infuses insulin based on those factors.

A computer that keeps my child alive…. 


WE need to be sure that these settings are as accurate as possible – if they are not accurate then Eden will either get TOO MUCH insulin or NOT ENOUGH. Constant changing and tweaking is always required..


As SOON as you think you have it all figured out

– everything changes. Guaranteed…


Although Eden is taking a break from her insulin pump right now we are using it to assist with her insulin dosages. This is a wonderful tool so that we do not need to do math equations every time Eden eats or requires insulin. If Eden’s blood sugar is HIGH – the pump automatically factors in the additional insulin that is required to bring her levels back into range or vice versa will subtract insulin if she is LOW. We then draw out the recommended insulin dose and inject her.


Of course – that ONLY WORKS if we have it programmed correctly. 


Clearly – we needed to make some adjustments as we have been struggling for WEEKS to wrangle Eden’s overnight  (between 12-6am) blood sugar numbers. The amount of insulin that SHOULD have been bringing her blood sugar levels down 130 points was only dropping her 40 -50 points.


Even harder to figure out was whether the change was due to a growth spurt, hormones, change in insulin or possibly all of the above.


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


I made a change the other day to her sensitivity – meaning how much 1 unit of insulin will drop her blood sugar. I was thinking that I also needed to change the dosage of her night time long acting insulin dose.. Making big changes to her insulin regime during the overnight hours has always been scary for me. We already check Eden’s blood sugar at least twice during the night (when not exercising) and I always seem to wait longer than I probably should to make these changes. The worry of low blood sugars while she sleeps is constantly in the back of my mind.


I put a call into Eden’s doctor today – and he really put my mind at ease. I ran by him the changes I was wanting to make and he thought they were good choices.. Even thought I could be more aggressive with my changes… not surprised at that one 😉


Type 1 Diabetes really makes me second guess myself sometimes… it is HARD WORK functioning as Eden’s pancreas and it is a lot of pressure on your shoulders to keep your child alive every day.. Today gave me a little bit of a confidence boost that I should trust my instincts a little bit more than I do. Sometimes we only have our instincts to go by because T1D never seems to follows the rules.


Somehow I don’t think I will be getting much sleep tonight… although I trust Eden’s doctor way more than I trust myself sometimes – we are still making some pretty big changes while she sleeps… eeeek..




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