Shame in a Name ??


A little refresher for those who have not been following my Blog for very long…


Type 1 Diabetes is an AUTO IMMUNE Disease

and is in no way, shape or form caused due to a lack of exercise, poor eating habits or obesity.


Due to the fact that is has “diabetes” in its name – those with T1D are often judged because of the what their illness is called. I do not EVER want Eden to feel ashamed of her disease because of its name….


Type 1 Diabetes is an invisible disease – you CANNOT tell by looking at a person that they have Type 1 Diabetes. Although diagnosis is most commonly in school aged children – it is also possible in babies, toddlers, teenagers AND adults. People DIE due to mis-diagnosis – LEARN the symptoms!


ANYONE can get Type 1 Diabetes

and there is NOTHING that can be done to prevent it.


The ONLY treatment for Type 1 Diabetes is INSULIN and I repeat it is only a TREATMENT – not a cure.


Type 1 Diabetes entails a lifelong requirement of fine tuning insulin needs, balancing blood sugar levels, counting carbohydrates and finger pricks…


I have caught myself recently telling people that Eden has a medical condition – instead of using the word “diabetes”. Sometimes it just seems easier, rather than getting the – But she LOOKS so good – or normal – or the blank stare and uncomfortable silence. I feel terribly guilty about this because it is my job as her parent to advocate for her and other Type 1 Diabetics..


WE NEED A CURE and I need to keep spreading the word

so the public understands…


would love it if you could all help me…



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