Enough to drive you CRAZY ..


This is a picture of what my kitchen counter looked like yesterday morning..




The remnants of a bad night – multiple blood sugar checks – insulin corrections and little sleep.


D-dad had a similar night last night (we take turns testing Eden during the night)


We have implemented changes and are only on day 2 – but it is slow going and feels like we still have a long way to go.


SO incredibly frustrating when you are doing the best you possibly can and not seeing results..


It MUST be a growth spurt – really the only possible explanation for the huge increase of insulin that is required in the middle of the night… Lets keep our fingers crossed that after this spurt is over her needs won’t drop dramatically otherwise we will have the complete opposite problem – LOW blood sugars during the night ?!?!


Gotta love the T1D guessing game …. maybe we should make it a game show – would love some prizes for being correct 😉



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