Around the Clock…


Just because it is bed time doesn’t mean that it is time for rest and sleep..


Type 1 Diabetes NEVER takes a break and we manage it

24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.


24 7


Eden is asleep just as many hours of the day that she is awake – T1D affects her blood sugar levels ALL of those hours and they are all just as important to her health and well being..


It is just as important to keep her blood sugar levels in check whilst sleeping as it is whilst awake. 


The blood sugar number Eden wakes up with in the morning has a huge impact on her day – if she is HIGH – some days we will struggle for hours to get her levels back into check. It is NOT HEALTHY for Eden to have continual high blood sugars whether during the night or during the day.


The ONLY good thing regarding high blood sugars while she is sleeping is that I don’t have to deal with the wrath of her HIGH mood swings 😉


Last night I did blood sugar checks on Eden every 2 hours.. Trying VERY hard to get her night time levels right to eliminate her high blood sugars. Since we have made changes – it is important to see exactly what time during the night she is rising and therefore what we can do to help fix it.


image found on Photobucket

image found on Photobucket


Thank goodness for my phone and multiple alarms.. it is TOUGH getting up that many times – trying to think hard about what you are doing when you are literally stumbling down the hallway half asleep.


Even though I had very little sleep last night – I am VERY happy that it seems as though the changes to her insulin regime are FINALLY kicking in.. She had steady numbers until 4am when she started to rise again.. at least now we can pinpoint the exact time that we need to make more adjustments.


I am finding it is much more difficult to do that while she is on injections – but it will enable me to correctly program her insulin pump which I will be encouraging her to re-connect to at the end of next week. I am not sure if that is the right thing to do or not – Eden is happy and enjoying not being connected to a medical device  – but I am finding myself getting increasingly frustrated when I cannot fine tune her insulin dosages as I am used to..


I just want her to be healthy and happy.. 


But what about D-mom? Can I be healthy and happy too? Not always beaming smiles the morning after little to no sleep… It is a tough tough call ..




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