Kicking Butt and taking Names…


I know I may brag a little TOO much about Eden sometimes – but sometimes it’s just hard NOT to.. She truly inspires me with the way she goes through life and I have so much to learn from her.





Today I am thankful for Type 1 Diabetes – because without it I wouldn’t have witnessed Eden in her absolute element. I would have dropped her off like most of the other parents and not been sitting on the benches observing and watching my girl shine.


Eden had the first day of another 4-day basketball camp today. She was very nervous because she didn’t know anyone that was doing it – something she USUALLY doesn’t care about but this morning was different. She woke up with high blood sugars and a bad attitude… 😦


Basketball is something that she ALWAYS looks forward to – this morning she seemed very hesitant and nervous and her blood sugar was paying the price. She refused to eat breakfast – yeah NOT smart – trust me I know – but short of forcing it down her throat and/or having a huge argument – what is a mother to do? She knows best right ? 😉



Things at camp started an hour late as there were SO many kids and it was rather chaotic – thankfully it gave Eden some time to relax and settle herself and find someone that she knew. Her blood sugar was still hovering in the 200’s but I let it slide as I knew she was about to be extremely active.


After dividing into Grade Levels and doing a few warm up drills it was rather evident that Eden had put her game face on and was ready to play. She clearly caught her coaches attention – after an hour or so one of the coaches came over and asked me a few questions about her. He said that tomorrow he thinks that she should play up in a different age group more in line with her skill level. (there were only 3 girls in the 6th grade group)


As the day went on she was totally, utterly and completely



How she was able to focus and concentrate when her blood sugar levels started soaring into the 300-400s I have no idea. But one thing was clear – it was definitely her adrenaline – she was in OVER DRIVE…!


After camp was over for the day I was again approached by both of the coaches – one of them even suggested she move up to play with the HIGH SCHOOLERS ?!?! because she was THAT good …


say what?!


Yeah – I told you – she was on FIRE and it was so amazing to watch.


I think that HS level might be a bit ambitious and aiming for 7/8th grade might be a bit more appropriate. It’s amazing though that in such a short amount of time one of the coaches was able to tell that she needs to stop “coasting”.. something she does all the time when she isn’t being challenged enough. Eden is incredibly humble with her abilities – she doesn’t show boat or realize just how talented she is when she gives it her all..


Today she was all smiles afterwards

– she KNEW she had done amazing things


Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings..


Hoping she didn’t use up all of her energy, focus and the fire in her belly today and will be able to make some other coaches stop and take notice tomorrow..



Eden totally stuck it to you today …

yes – you add another layer of difficulty and endless challenges but you will NOT stop my girl from doing what she loves…


Oh – and to the kids that saw me injecting her with needles today with the mouth half-open gaze – YES – she IS that tough! 🙂




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