Safe for Today….


This morning I was startled awake in the middle of a terrible dream/nightmare …


Clearly my mind is ALWAYS thinking about

Type 1 Diabetes

even in my sleep


Nothing like starting the day off in panic mode and the fear of what the day might bring..


LOW blood sugar is a real and present danger every single time that Eden is extremely active. Yesterday her blood sugars were running high due to adrenaline and for the most part those high blood sugars will most always correct/balance themselves once the exercise catches up with her.


Basically my dream entailed Eden passing out and collapsing on the basketball court during her camp 😦


No-one around her knew what had happened or had any idea what to do as she had a low blood sugar seizure in the middle of the court. I was frantic running onto the court with her medical kit – skipping testing her blood sugar and going straight for the glucose gel trying to rub it into her cheeks as everyone around us stopped and stared. Next I went for the Glucagon – which I have NEVER had to use in real life – and my hands were shaking SO MUCH that I wasn’t able to get the needle into the bottle… I can still visualize the looks on everyones face and the EXACT court this all happened on…


Today I was SO worried leaving the house that my dream was a premonition…


What scared me the most – due to the fact that Eden was moved from the 6th grade to the 8th grade group she was on that specific court today – and there are 7 other courts in the building 😦


talk about having an uneasy feeling ALL DAY…

I was watching her like a hawk!


Good news is we survived the day today without any issues.. FINGERS CROSSED that the next 2 days go as smoothly…

I might just be a nervous wreck until this camp is over … 😦




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