Everything Happens for a Reason …





I am and have ALWAYS been a believer that

everything happens for a reason…


I have been incredibly lucky the past couple of days to chat with many different coaches and people within the basketball world.

As I have sat watching Eden at basketball camp day after day this week – I have been approached MANY times by people I do not know. Just coming up to say “hi” and chatting about basketball and various things. I am super shy with people I don’t personally know so I have a hard time making conversation but everyone has been SO nice that it has been a bit easier.


I have been totally and utterly

put out of my comfort zone

– but it has had great results..


Yesterday I spoke with an ex-NBA player who now runs a non-profit foundation (TLK Foundation) at the sports complex Eden’s basketball camp was being held at. We have waved at each other and said hello numerous times over the years as I am at the complex SO OFTEN with Eden, but I have never had a true conversation and he never actually knew my name.


Today changed everything…..

One conversation started my mind thinking last night and this morning when I saw him I shared my thoughts…


I REALLY want Eden to be able to attend a Type 1 Diabetes specific basketball camp. Who better to talk to than an ex-NBA player who has a gazillion connections, a huge basketball facility and I also learned, has a history of diabetes in his family!


One simple conversation – got the ball rolling.


  • He has already made phone calls.
  • He has already introduced me to people.
  • I am so incredibly thrilled and excited…


We WILL make this happen for Eden and all the other Type 1 Diabetic kids who will benefit from it…

Watch out world… I have a new mission 😉





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