Don’t know the half of it …. 


Eden is a ROCK STAR –

I am always proud of her and the person she is –

but today really was incredible….


If you don’t follow the Eden’s Effort FB Page – which you should 😉 – you won’t already know about our amazing day today.


It was Day #4 of another basketball camp for Eden – put on by Jason Thompson of the Sacramento Kings


As usual – I sat in the gym all day watching Eden do what she loves most and trying to blend into the scenery. I spoke with many, many people during those 4 days – NOT ONCE – did I mention the reason why I sit there all day.


It’s tough – DO I mention it or DON’T I ??? Maybe they all think I am just a crazy, controlling gym mom who needs to be there all day ?? Sometimes I feel like I need to justify WHY I am there – not for Eden’s benefit – but for mine…


NONE of the coaches had ANY IDEA that Eden has Type 1 Diabetes – in these circumstances I like to keep it that way. I don’t need to draw attention to her – I don’t want them feeling sorry for her or feeling they need to treat her differently.. She doesn’t need that – and she proved it OVER and OVER this week..


Today was the last day of camp with lots of fun and games…


Eden was moved up to the 8th grade group on Day #2 (she will be 6th grade) – the coaches of the 8th grade group didn’t even realize that she was only in 6th grade…


Ruthie Bolton – WNBA star and 2 time Olympic Gold medalist was there helping coach and as a guest speaker. She asked me if she could have a picture with Eden and said she was one to watch out for! She also asked what school she was going to and wants me to contact her when she starts playing next season so she can come watch ?!?! yikes… no doubt Eden will be nervous THAT day!




Eden won the free-throw competition amongst all the 8th graders PLUS she also won the 3-point shootout ! That earned her a signed JT basketball as well as 2 certificates 🙂

JT award


Her coaches were all super nice – but one coach in particular found me today and also asked to have his picture taken with her. He was the coach that moved her up 2 grade levels and had such confidence that she will do great things. Such a nice young guy (yeah that totally makes me feel old) who had nothing but wonderful things to say about Eden… He thinks that SHE will be signing his basketball in the future … how amazing…


If only they knew –


  • the work that went on behind the scenes – to keep her safe and alive –
  • the endless finger pricks and needles
  • the low and high blood sugars that she works so hard to push through to play her game..


Eden impressed a LOT of people over the last 4 days and they don’t even know the half of it..



Honestly – Type 1 Diabetes does NOT know who it is messing with…



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