Smiling outside – Crying inside … 


Today I feel SO many mixed emotions..


It is the 4th of July – here in the USA – a day that marks independence, freedom and bravery.


It is the day our entire family has always used to celebrate Ally’s birthday together (she was 14 yesterday! )



It is also the anniversary of Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis

It is Eden’s 4 year Diaversary today..




4 years ago today our life and world was changed forever


    • 4 years of thousands of finger pricks to check blood sugar 
    • 4 years of Eden needing a drug 24 hours a day to keep her alive
    • 4 years of thousand of needles and injections – seemingly endless blood draws and doctors visits 
    • 4 years of worry, tears, sleepless nights and the real fear that your child may not wake up
    • 4 years living the roller coaster of emotions that IS Type 1 Diabetes



It also marks 4 years of Eden and our family living our life regardless of Type 1 Diabetes.


Maybe it is no coincidence that the 4th of July is her Diaversary date ?


Today we will celebrate our 4 years with Type 1 Diabetes and the fact that Eden is growing in independence – feeling a bit of freedom and no doubt her remarkable bravery living with this disease.



A very bitter sweet day where I will be celebrating on the outside but quietly crying on the inside.. I want more than anything for Eden and our family to be rid of this disease


Just as the USA gained freedom on this day – I would more than anything like freedom from T1D


Image found on FB

Image found on FB






2 thoughts on “Smiling outside – Crying inside … 

  1. My Grand daughter Jenna, has T1D, I pray nightly for a cure for her and all the children that has this disease. May God Bless you and your family. Hope Eden is doing well..

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