Goodbye 10 injections per day…


Eden has never been that great at making decisions.. A lot of it has to do with her personality – she is so laid back that a lot of things just don’t faze her.. Even things that you and I would think would be important she can just shrug her shoulders with an “I dunno” or an “I don’t care”


We have been on an insulin pump break for a month now. Eden went off the pump this Summer for a few different reasons


    • swimming makes it much harder for the adhesive of her pump site to stick
    • multiple basketball camps meant many hours at a time where she did not want to wear her pump
    • MDI (multiple daily injections) means Eden gets a bit of a break from being attached to a medical device 24/7


I had asked Eden multiple times last week if she wanted to continue on her break or go back to her pump after the last basketball camp. I asked for a number of reasons..

    • MDI is much harder for us to keep blood sugar numbers in check
    • I needed to renew her prescription for Lantus (long acting insulin) and syringes if she was going to continue
    • MDI is also much more work for me


We got the typical shrug of shoulders response at first – then the push from us to make a choice. I hate to push her one way or another, but if she really didn’t care either way then I was more than happy to save the $$$ that was required to refill her prescriptions.  Type 1 Diabetes is VERY expensive to live with month after month, year after year – insurance or not – it costs a fortune to keep Eden alive Obviously I would go without everything to keep her alive but if we can save $$$ here and there then I’m going to do it!


As the days went on Eden would pull away from me more and more whilst I was giving her injections – wincing and complaining it hurt. Her temper was short –  one day she would get upset if I did wipe with alcohol after the injection and then one day demand I wipe … It was getting clear that she was OVER with getting shots – her arms were covered in little bruises and she was realizing that she preferred her insulin pump.


Tonight Eden actually said the word that she was ready to go back on her pump..


Little did she know that I was going to make the decision for her on Monday. I’m so glad she made it on her own – I don’t need her to have any more ammunition against me – she occasionally needs someone to take her T1D frustrations out on and more often than not – that person is me…


So tomorrow we will say goodbye to MDI, go back to 1 big needle pump site insertion every 2 days and being tethered to a medical device 24/7 to stay alive…


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