Some things you just shouldn’t Google …


It is a pretty well known fact – poor blood sugar control can lead to lots of complications down the road.


High blood sugar levels affect the body – short and long term.


Eden scars very easily – it is really due to her olive complexion – but her cuts / scrapes DO occasionally take much longer to heal due to her Type 1 Diabetes. I am always wary and ensure we keep a close eye on any injuries she may have to be sure infection doesn’t set in.


But what about injuries that are not visible ???


Eden jammed her thumb MONTHS ago during a basketball game.. We taped it, we iced it, we bought her a brace for it. She has not complained regularly about it bothering her except after she has used it for hours on end – which the past few weeks has been a lot. She may mention it once but doesn’t dwell on it or make a big deal… Eden rarely complains even when very, very sick.


In our household we don’t run to the doctor for every sniffle or ailment.

We have one child who is always injured or dying of something and one who rarely complains..


If it isn’t clearly broken or bleeding profusely

– you will be fine – you will survive.



Today – Eden said her thumb was hurting and it got me thinking…


Maybe her T1D has something to do with it?? Why wouldn’t an injury under the skin be any different to one above the skin in regards to slower healing?


I tried to Google it… yeah – bad idea.


Everything I found related to foot ulcers, amputation and the like due to high blood sugars and diabetes with some pretty horrific images… I’m not ready to go down the road of long term complications yet.. Our day to day challenges are enough for this D-mom brain to process and worry about. ugh…




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