Disaster Averted ..


Thanks to D-dad we didn’t have a disastrous start to the day…


As usual I tested Eden a couple of times throughout the night. At 3am – her blood sugar was a perfect 126


I was VERY happy with that and went back to bed looking forward to a little sleep in since we didn’t need to be anywhere this morning.


D-dad got up to go to the gym this morning and checked Eden’s meter to see what her numbers had been like during the night. For some reason he decided to check her blood sugar – not something he usually does at 6.30am as he is heading out the door.


All I can say is – THANK GOODNESS HE DID …


Eden’s blood sugar was only 56 – that is dangerously LOW – especially when sleeping and given the fact I wouldn’t have tested her until around 8am.


Eden needed to be woken to drink a juice – D-dad came and woke me also so that I could re-test her in 15 minutes to be sure she was safe and her blood sugar was rising.


Juice brought her blood sugar level up nicely – literally saving her life once again..


You have no idea how much I love the humble juice box and how much I dislike Type 1 Diabetes today.




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