Nice Change…


The past 2 days have been such a nice change… I think even Eden is appreciating her insulin pump..


I am personally SO happy that don’t have to give her multiple injections every day – something you just do because you have to – but obviously not enjoyable..


Having Eden on MDI (multiple daily injections) for the past month was a LOT more work and was filled with many frustrations.


We did it – we got into a new routine – we had roller coaster blood sugar numbers and we adjusted and adjusted and adjusted insulin requirements.. 


Of course we got them in pretty good range and then we decided to go back to pumping..


2nd site change already today – which Eden was not thrilled with – but her blood sugar numbers have been fabulous! I was worried we would have a long adjustment period but so far so good! (probably shouldn’t say that out loud)



I have NOT had to wake Eden up with an injection at 8am.


Eden has NOT had to plan ahead for everything she is going to eat. With MDI – Eden would need an additional injection of insulin if she wanted a second helping, a random snack or dessert that was not planned for.

Sometimes she figured it was worth it – others not so much and she would go without.




Eden proved that she could step up and do a lot of the management on her own – which is FANTASTIC…

Doesn’t mean that she WANTED to do it for the entire month – but she proved to herself and to US that she can do it..


A big step in the right direction…

Next step – getting Eden to try to change her own pump site – that one will take some convincing …



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