Small gesture – Huge impact ..


I’m sure most of you have heard the term “helicopter parent” .. meaning a parent that is constantly hovering over their child to ensure they don’t get hurt.


I would NOT consider myself a helicopter parent although I do probably worry more than the average NON-D parent since it entered our lives..


T1D was a game changer – things are different now


I try very hard to give Eden the freedom she deserves. Unfortunately she doesn’t get very many opportunities at freedom and it honestly breaks my heart.


Eden is the kind of kid that is friends with everyone, but doesn’t really have any good friends – if that makes sense.


She was starting to hang out in the street with the neighbor kids and then her friend moved away.. She LOVED being able to run around and be carefree – although of course she needed to check in every 30 minutes – unfortunately she doesn’t have that anymore..


Ally gets invited to sleepovers, boating, camping, kayaking and I just KNOW that Eden wants to be able to do these things.. Eden gets a LOT of focus on her all the time – but she does NOT get these things….


It isn’t that she can’t – she just doesn’t get invited – probably because that means D-mom needs to go… Her freedom is very limited – until someone steps up and learns something – it’s just too risky…


Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest


Only ONE person has consistently invited Eden to do things and hasn’t been frightened away by the D-diagnosis.


ONE person besides D-dad that I feel completely and utterly confident to care for Eden – no questions asked.




You have no idea the joy on Eden’s face and happiness in her voice when you include her




For giving me some peace of mind that Eden gets a little bit of freedom to be a KID and enjoy hanging out with a friend WITHOUT her mother




It may be a small gesture to everyone else – but it has a huge impact




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