Bad attitude breeds Bad attitude …


Hasn’t been the best day so far today 😦


We let Eden stay up later than usual last night – wasn’t a big deal until this morning when she was LESS THAN HAPPY about being told she needed to get up at 9.30am.. I’m all for relaxing and sleeping in during the Summer – but I also know it will set us up for a bad T1D day as it typically throws her blood sugar numbers off..


She very grumpily got up after being not terribly nice to me and giving me a terrible attitude. That attitude in turn gave me a bad attitude because I get sick and tired of bearing the brunt of most of it day in and day out.


D-dad was getting ready to head out the door – at the same time I discovered that Eden didn’t take her thyroid pill again (not only did she not take it – she pretended – LIED – about the fact she did take it)


YUP – that made my attitude even worse.. I wasn’t happy – Eden then blamed ME as the reason she didn’t take her pill because I haven’t figured out a way to make it pleasant for her yet?!?!


Yeah – that totally helped..


I stomped into our bedroom and basically demanded that D-dad take Eden with him because I didn’t want to have to deal with dueling bad attitudes all day.


That didn’t help either – now D-dad was mad because I was mad and taking it out on him.. (can’t really blame him)


To top it off – Eden needed her site changed if she was going to be leaving for the day – she didn’t have enough insulin left in her pump – D-dad was now running late and Eden also needed to grab all of her basketball gear because they would have to go straight to training later..


Right now I am sitting all alone in a quiet house, feeling terribly guilty for the vicious circle of bad attitudes that were flying around the house this morning…


Some days it is just harder and more exhausting dealing with the same stuff day after day after day.. I guess we all have those days – but if I don’t allow Eden to use D as an excuse for a bad attitude – I shouldn’t be allowed to make excuses either..


our D life  – the good, the bad and the ugly… 


Today ugly won.

 I admit that I was a major contributor

– and I’m not one bit proud of it.





2 thoughts on “Bad attitude breeds Bad attitude …

  1. This sounds like life at my house lately. I’m really struggling with the attitude of an 11 year old T1D. I wish I had advice or answers. I really do.

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