Exactly what we do…


We have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 4 years now…


In the beginning we would MEASURE every single tiny little thing. EVERY carbohydrate needed to be accounted for so that we could dose Eden with the correct amount of insulin.. (read more about carbs here)


I vividly remember being a total complete and utter nervous wreck when we were served a bowl of fruit salad.  Dissecting the bowl trying to count the quantities and carbohydrates of each individual fruit.



I remember bringing our scale to gatherings to measure appropriate serving sizes


I remember retrieving packaging from garbage cans to look at the serving sizes and carbohydrate counts (still do this one!)


Although we still use the scale DAILY and I ALWAYS measure foods with a measuring cup when serving meals – I have become a LOT more relaxed about things…


I came to the conclusion a while ago that in the real world, as Eden goes out more on her own and eats without us, she needs to be able to guess carbohydrates on her own and sometimes just by looking. Yes – we also have a book she can look things up in – a lot of places have carb counts and she can download apps for her phone. We do ALL of these things too…


I didn’t learn until just recently that there was a term in the D world for the guessing of carbohydrates to dose insulin.









Yup – sounds like exactly what we do – pretty much every.single.day.  🙂





4 thoughts on “Exactly what we do…

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