Verbalizing feelings….


Eden and I have had numerous “diabetes” conversations over the past week or so.


Interesting enough – even though our world completely revolves around T1D – we really don’t “talk” about it that much.


Eden is a girl of few words but there have been more than usual opportunities to get her to open up and talk a bit more about it lately..


We attended an American Diabetes Association family night.. so I asked her about it afterwards.

I still didn’t get much out of her but I did learn it made her sad to see all the “little people” and by that I mean – young kids – with Type 1 Diabetes… Yeah – it made me sad too..



Eden needs blood work again this week – she saw the paperwork on my desk so asked me about it. She cannot STAND it when she needs to “pee in a cup” and was very grateful that wouldn’t be required this visit. She also said she was glad that she didn’t need to fast this time before her blood draw – she doesn’t like that either… Surprisingly enough – she mentioned nothing about disliking blood draws.. phew – because they are another thing she will need to deal with the rest of her life!


Going around social media have been numerous posts about Miss Idaho 2014. She is a Type 1 Diabetic and had the courage to wear her insulin pump on stage for the bathing suit competition… Although I am not in general a fan of pageants – this girl is a wonderful role model and true inspiration – especially to all of those in the D community.. I will certainly be watching Miss USA this year and cheering her on with tears in my eyes..

Eden clearly stated that she would “never be able to do that” and we talked about how much courage and guts it takes to be yourself and not hide from your disease…


Although these small conversations haven’t been much – it is a breakthrough to at least have Eden verbalizing some of her feelings towards T1D – something she just does NOT do very often…


Small wins – but I will take them!



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