SO worth it …


Yesterday Eden had another opportunity at freedom!


She had a blast swimming at a friends house – we stayed in regular contact – and they managed her blood sugar numbers perfectly! 🙂 


Swimming can be VERY difficult and can cause rapid drops in blood sugar levels quickly.. (see scary story here) They tested every 30 minutes – sugared up when necessary – and all worked out perfectly,  much to my relief ..


I managed to stay pretty calm and didn’t stress out too much – until Ally and I ran out to run an errand and my cell phone (stupid thing) was almost dead! didn’t like that feeling – but all was good…


Eden even had dinner there and guessed and dosed her carbs – YAY! 🙂


I must say it was VERY WEIRD not having Eden at the dinner table – as it pretty much never happens that she is away from home..


All in all it was a very positive experience – Eden proved her responsibility and had a terrific time. Smiling from ear to ear when she got home and SO happy with herself when she checked her blood sugar before bed and realized she had done a great job guessing her carbs for dinner 🙂



The only downside …


I didn’t actually SEE how active Eden was in the swimming pool – yes it makes a difference. Exercise can cause delayed drops in blood sugar and last night that is indeed what happened.. I didn’t really know exactly how MUCH sugar I needed to pump her up with and whether or not she would continue to drop…


It was a restless night as I tried to get her blood sugar levels up to a safe number for sleeping and I was VERY thankful that she was back on her insulin pump so I could lower her insulin overnight..


But it was SO WORTH IT ..




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