Drivers Seat …


Some days T1D takes the drivers seat for a crazy ride and most of our attention – making it impossible to forget it exists, even for a moment.

Other days T1D is just along for the ride and we are driving – feeling in total control, just doing what needs doing like it were second nature.


I am VERY aware of how lucky we are



Yes – Type 1 Diabetes is stupid and sucks – and I wish more than anything for Eden to be rid of this disease..

I also know that even with T1D – Eden should be able to live a long, healthy and happy life.


Eden is working on taking the drivers seat and gaining more and more confidence in learning to navigate this very complicated disease. Not necessarily complicated in the basic mechanics of testing blood sugar and dosing insulin for carbohydrates consumed – but all the other things that get thrown into the mix that MAKE the basic mechanics complicated like hormones, illness, stress & exercise. (just to name a few!)


There are SO MANY children and families who are in a much worse scenario than we are and that makes me thankful that even though Type 1 Diabetes is SO INCREDIBLY frustrating and maddening at times

    • we CAN live with it
    • Eden CAN have a full life


    • we are NOT in and out of hospital or burdened with an ill child who may not see tomorrow

With that being said – it does not mean that I will not stop fighting for a CURE for my daughter and all the other T1D out there.

If you had the opportunity to make the life of your child better – wouldn’t you try your darndest to do it?

That is what I am doing.. striving to help educate the public – to remove the stigma and shame associated with “Diabetes”.

Whether it leads to a cure or not, it will still better the life of my daughter and I will never stop fighting for that.





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