Ready for it…

Eden had her blood work done yesterday ready for her upcoming doctors appointment..

I always just take the next available appointment and we make it work – this time I was very happy that by total fluke it landed the day BEFORE school went back after the Summer.. Seemed perfect to me – the first day of school or even the first week would not have been the best. Eden thinks a little differently – Seriously – the LAST day of Summer ?? She hates appointment day 😦

The past few days Eden’s blood sugar numbers have been NEAR PERFECT… I feel like we have her overnight basal rates set just right and she is finally waking up with decent blood sugar numbers!!! 🙂




  • 7 day average blood sugar = 182
  • 14 day average blood sugar = 176
  • 30 day average blood sugar = 183


🙂 🙂 🙂


We have not seen these average numbers in a VERY long time – mind you – these include some highs that were high on purpose due to exercise.


I am SUPER HAPPY – but also realize that the curse of the upcoming doctors appointment is on us.


WITHOUT FAIL – Eden’s blood sugar numbers go crazy for whatever reason the week before her appointment – just to mess with us…


I’m ready for it


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