Back up for your Back up?


Yesterday was one of those days where our family probably should have just stayed in bed…

T1D was pretty kind to us –

but the rest of the universe seemed to be trying to tell us something 😉


Things usually happen in 3’s – It feels like we had at least 6 things happen yesterday!


We are alive and well and were able to laugh everything off once we were safely home..


I won’t go into all of the crazy turn of events because they are behind us now – but I will remind myself to re-pack my backup D supplies that I carry around “just in case” –


We NEEDED those backups yesterday – but as it turned out I needed backups FOR my backups..


A reminder – you really, truly, just never know when you are going to need those “just in case” things…




… my bag is about to get even heavier 😉



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