Why NO BEEP ???


I am mad at and don’t really understand Eden’s insulin pump today..


It beeps every time you press the ACT button – that means you are entering a command of some sort.


It has various warning and alert alarms, for instance, when your battery is getting low or you are in the middle of a process and taking too long..


It also alarms when you are getting low on insulin in your reservoir. (the canister that stores the insulin) We are able to set the level at which Eden’s pump will alarm for a low reservoir – i.e.: the number of units of insulin remaining. We currently have it set at 15 units so that when the pump alarms we have quite a few hours before an emergency – “oh, crap – I’m out of insulin” – situation sets in.


Eden does NOT always hear the low reservoir alarm – or if she does – she does NOT always tell us that it goes off. I’m sure she figures that she has plenty of time so no hurry.. It generally means that she also needs her site changed – so why would she be in a hurry to announce it?


I have yet to figure out HOW OFTEN the low reservoir alarm actually goes off …


At 15 units – then 10 – then 5 ??


I don’t know – It does go off more than once, but beyond that I’m stumped… and short of following Eden around and demanding her check her pump from the countdown from 15 units I’m not sure how I’m going to find out… I just checked the Medtronic website – no help.. Guess the next step is the wonderful diabetes online community (DOC) who is very knowledgeable and without a doubt someone will know!


What REALLY bugs me…

Regardless of how often it beeps – is that it REALLY SHOULD BEEP with increasing frequency or urgency as your insulin levels go lower and lower and lower.


Eden’s low reservoir alarm apparently went off late last night. No doubt she slept through it which I’m not surprised about. At her 3am check  – I accidentally woke her when trying to find her pump after I tested her blood sugar. (she was sleeping right on top of it). She was NOT terribly happy with me – snatched it out of my hands and announced that “she would do it” – Her blood sugar was high and she needed an insulin correction to bring her down. As I stood in the doorway waiting and watching her, listening for the beeps to know she was giving herself insulin – I heard the low reservoir alarm. 


It was 3am – I was half asleep – Eden was pissed at me for waking her up and because her blood sugar was so high – and I turned around and went back to bed. I SHOULD have made her check how many units of insulin she had left – but I ASSUMED there would be plenty


We got lucky – When Eden got up this morning – and granted it was EARLY compared to when she has been getting up  over the Summer – she ONLY HAD .525 units of insulin left in her pump.. LESS THAN AN HOUR worth of insulin… WTH ?!?!


That darn pump should have been BEEPING LIKE CRAZY

– warning us that Eden was about to run out of insulin.

The insulin that KEEPS HER ALIVE

– without it for just a few hours her blood sugar can climb dangerously high ?!?!



Thankfully – Eden got up earlier than usual and her blood sugar was pretty darn good.. She was not terribly happy to have her site changed immediately but had absolutely no choice..



Medtronic – WHY NO BEEP ?!? 


I don’t get it… wonder if other people feel the same way?





One thought on “Why NO BEEP ???

  1. You can change how often it gives you a low res alert. Mine is currently set to 20 units remaining, and it re-alerts at 10 units remaining, but you can set it to a specific time if you like! It’s in the Utilities -> Alarm -> Low Resv Warning menu.

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