Shiny like a brand new penny…


Never thought I would hear those words to describe my daughter – but that is what I heard today..


Those words – gave me great relief – another hurdle overcome in our T1D world.


Eden’s retina was described by her eye doctor as “Shiny like a brand new penny.” Meaning there was NO EVIDENCE of diabetic retinopathy – a well know complication of diabetes. (see here for more info)


Eden has had her eyes checked every year since diagnosis – had her eyes dilated and pictures taken of her retina to ensure that her eyesight is not in danger.


Something we unfortunately hear way too often when we share that Eden has Type 1 Diabetes is the response – “Oh my uncle had that – he lost his foot and went blind.”

Yeah – people really ARE that insensitive… Do you really think that is the right thing to say to comfort me? With Eden standing right there?

Oh – you’d be surprised .. We worry enough about what the future might hold without those sorts of comments…


Anyway – Eden is in the clear – her eyes are perfect

and “Shiny like a brand new penny!”


Her vision is 20-20 and I am beyond happy that we don’t have to worry about vision issues anytime in the near future…


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