Less than 2 weeks … eeek…


We are now on the countdown Back to School !!! Less than 2 weeks – yikes!


Crazy to believe that Summer is almost over 😦


As much as I am looking forward to having some semblance of a routine back – I’m going to miss my lazy mornings and hanging out with my girls…


I received our school paperwork in the mail yesterday – the multiple pages of fun forms that need completing prior to the kids going back to school. 😉


Eden’s paperwork is a little more complicated – thankfully I got a jump start on all of her extra paperwork when school got out back in June!


  • she requires doctors orders/authorization to be able to carry her insulin (in her pump) and for her emergency glucagon medication.
  • she requires a signed Medical Plan so that the nurses and teachers can follow doctors orders in regards to
    • high blood sugars / ketones
    • low blood sugars / emergency protocol
    • physical exercise
    • insulin dosages


Eden also has a 504 Plan which I have spoken about (here) – which covers things like Eden’s level of self-management, immediate access to water and bathroom, blood sugar monitoring, field trips and extra curricular activities, classroom tests and emergency evacuation or shelter-in-place concerns.


We have all of Eden’s basic back to school things purchased like, binders, pens and notebooks..


Now it’s time to focus on the low blood sugar supplies that I will need to provide for EACH and EVERY classroom.. just in case..

Classroom Low Supplies

Classroom Low Supplies – mid prep


Plus the additional supply of insulin, glucagon, testing strips and pump supplies that will be kept in the nurses office.


6th Grade comes with a new school, new routine, new teachers, PE class and greater responsibilities for Eden.

The first week of school always brings some jitters – I guarantee you – I will probably be the one with the worst case.

Eeeeek – it’s less than 2 weeks away ?!?!



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