Playing the D Card ..


We have NEVER used Type 1 Diabetes as an excuse… well, except maybe today.


Today was Eden’s birthday and that meant a family trip to an amusement park.


Amusement parks mean long lines, lots of adrenaline and exercise and LOTS of unknowns in regards to how Eden’s body will react and whether or not Diabetes will cooperate. (see my post about it yesterday here)


I called ahead yesterday to inquire about their “Equal Access Pass” but was unable to speak with anyone. We arrived early this morning so D-dad decided to head on over and ask about it. They handed one over – no questions asked.


What does that mean?


All four of us were able to use the disabled entrance to the majority of the rides. We checked in, they gave us a scheduled time to come back (i.e. 30-60 minutes later) and when we returned we were able to get right on the ride with no waiting. We STILL had to WAIT – just not in a long line… Eden could wait with us – we could wait in the shade – or go eat lunch – or go to see other attractions without the worry of  something happening to her whilst she was separated from us.


We got some “not so nice” looks as we breezed past the long lines (actually I waited out on most of the rides) but in the grand scheme of things it was SO WORTH IT!





Clearly, she doesn’t “look” disabled.. But, Eden DOES have a qualifying disability – we just don’t usually treat Diabetes as a disability – just a series of extra hurdles we need to jump through


Today we played the “D Card” – we used Eden’s diabetes to our advantage and I don’t feel bad about it at all.. We deal with SO MUCH crap with this disease and it was nice to have one less thing to worry about today. I worry enough …


Eden had an awesome birthday – we had a great day as a family – and made some wondeful new memories at the Scene of the Crime..



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