From Best to Worst …


As typical with Type 1 Diabetes – the great day we had yesterday… Well, we had the complete opposite of a day today 😦


Eden’s words on the verge of tears at the end of the day – “Worst Day Ever.. “


So SAD to hear your daughter saying that about a family birthday party celebration.


Had absolutely nothing to do with the company, the food or the gifts – but ALL ABOUT Diabetes..

Eden had a very rough Diabetes day today 😦


Didn’t start out too bad and there were a few sprinkles of good – but for the most part she was fighting low blood sugars, feeling like crap and ultimately felt left out and sad.


Hot Tubs and insulin DO NOT MIX…


I honestly didn’t even realize she was in the hot tub until she came to me to tell me her site was coming off.. By then it was too late – the damage had already been done.. Most likely a combination of incorrectly guessing carbs counts and thus over dosing for insulin and then going into the hot tub. Hot water – even a shower or a bath after a dose of insulin speeds up the adsorption and can cause low blood sugar..


Eden’s blood sugar was crashing and crashing FAST.


If it wasn’t for her site coming off and her bad attitude and moodiness about me trying to tape it back on and thus insisting she test her blood sugar – we probably wouldn’t have even realized it was happening.


Over the course of 90 minutes – Eden ingested approximately 100 carbs to try to bring her blood sugar into range. 100 carbs – of fast acting carbs. juice, regular soda, fruit pieces, glucose tabs and eventually candy… On a regular day – 15 carbs is usually enough to bring her into range… NOT TODAY…


For 60 minutes this afternoon she sat out of the pool and watched her cousins, sister and D-dad have fun – during HER birthday celebration… because Diabetes decided it didn’t want to play fair today….


To cap it off, at the end of the night, I had to flat out tell her NO WAY was she going in the hot tub when others were getting in..  It resulted in tears, she was not happy and I cannot blame her one little bit… times like these are not fair and Diabetes totally and utterly sucks eggs. 


Worst Day Ever comment today was warranted… Her anger and sadness towards Diabetes were perfectly understandable… But we also reminded her how AWESOME her day was yesterday … at least D played fair yesterday…


3 thoughts on “From Best to Worst …

  1. A true bummer – yet one we know all too well as diabetics. Sad how something different like activities during a birthday can throw things off in a bad way rather than add fun.

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