Kidney conversations…



As a family the other night we were watching NY Med – if you are unaware, it is a real life medical program that follows doctors and patients across multiple New York hospitals…


A woman was in kidney failure – they didn’t state why –  or if they did, I missed it. Her son was her living kidney donor and saved her life. It was incredibly moving and started the topic of conversation amongst us.


I know a couple of people personally who have been kidney donors/recipient – one being my old boss who is like a father to me. Much like in the program, his son was his living donor and saved his life.


Ally spoke up pretty much immediately saying that she would give up her kidney for one of us.. She reminded us that that was HUGE coming from her – the girl who freaks out at the thought of a simple finger prick for a blood sugar test.


Eden then offered her kidney – and then back tracked by asking if she even COULD give us one of her kidneys?? I would imagine not given the fact that Kidney Disease is a major long term complication of Diabetes and WE would more than likely be the ones giving up our kidneys for HER..


My kidneys already have her name on them… Lets hope it never has to happen!


Truth be told – If I could, I would give her my working pancreas right now, this minute, and take her diabetes from her..


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