Tattoo at 12 ?


When Ally, our oldest daughter was very little we made an agreement with her..

If she smokes or gets a tattoo – we, her parents get to name her first born child.. 🙂

We joke about it often and come up with crazy, crazy names that her child will need to live with..


Of course – it applies to Eden also – even though she never agreed to it..

I think I will make an exception for Eden – in fact I may even encourage a Medical Alert Tattoo


For 4 years we have struggled to get Eden to wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace. We have probably spent hundreds of dollars on various varieties and styles – that in the moment she says she likes and then won’t wear – or wears for a couple of days and then loses.

I thought we hit the jackpot last year when we found a basketball medical alert medallion. It came with a sticker stating “Type 1 Diabetes” to put on the back which came off rather promptly. I should really get in engraved – but I haven’t. I think it fell off the face of the earth for about 6 months before she found it in her bedroom a few weeks ago.




I insisted that she wear it when we went to Discovery Kingdom on her birthday because we envisioned her being separated from us in long lines (thankfully that didn’t happen – see here) You guessed it – she took it off 2 days later..

Granted – she plays a LOT of basketball and can’t wear a necklace – and we haven’t found a bracelet that will keep her interest.. I’m sick and tired of wasting $$ – but it is also getting to the point that she is going to be getting more independent and will NEED to wear one..


I REEEAAALLLLYY want her to wear one

– its a safety issue and will give me a little extra piece of mind.


I’m thinking a tattoo is the perfect way to go – think 12 is too young? 😉

wonder what she is going to want in return?

My car ?

Pick my nursing home ?


Guess I’ll start searching for other alternatives….


8 thoughts on “Tattoo at 12 ?

  1. haha. Man! What a dilemma. I never wore one, growing up either. It’s a very hard thing to do. I still don’t, actually. The one my parents and I bought was of a very gold variety–expensive!!–and I wore it off and on for a while. Then the link broke so I took the emblem and pinned it to my purse. [I was an adult by then] Finally it got lost. *sigh*

    I think tattoo is a good idea, even at 12. Never thought I’d say that!!

  2. I think that is an excellent idea! By the time she gets around to picking out the nursing home she’ll probably be thanking you for doing it! Where would you put it?

  3. I have been a T1D for over 15 years and work on the National Ski Patrol. We actually have 3 women w/T1D on the patrol! All of us work in the auxillary (the patrol building) and handle the injuries when someone is brought in. I used to wear a medical ID bracelet and then switched to a necklace. Finally, one of the other showed up a a diabetic tattoo. I now have one of my own. It never gets in the way! Mine is on my inner wrist. I can cover it with a watch or bracelet if I want but, the best parts of this is……medics are now trained to look for medical tattoos & I got to pick out the design! Mine is the “Diabetic Awareness” Butterfly with the words T1 Diabetic below it. If you decide to go this route, maybe let Eden help design it.

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