Unless you live it …


I just need to get this off my chest.

Unless you LIVE with Type 1 Diabetes – you will NEVER completely understand how it infiltrates your life, the stress and sometimes very overwhelming feelings that come along with it.


Whether you have it yourself, a loved one or your child is affected. If you do not live with the daily ups, downs, worry & craziness you will never truly “get it”

It affects friendships – it affects siblings – it affects marriages – it affects finances and the entire family.


A diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes – CHANGES YOU.


It has changed me as a person, as a spouse, as a mother

As a parent – all you want for your children is health and happiness


Type 1 Diabetes takes both of those things away regularly and it can be VERY difficult to stand by and watch it happen to your child and not be able to do a single thing to make it go away.


I have seen over and over – hurtful, rude and uneducated comments directed at D-familes and they hurt me too.

  • People who think it is as easy as just taking insulin and moving on.
  • People pushing magical cures that we should try.
  • People who think we shouldn’t worry as much as we do and shouldn’t bother checking on our children in the middle of the night.
  • People who think all we care about now is Diabetes.


T1D is a very complicated animal and is different for everyone. Even if in the D world – what works for one person or child or family may not work for another.

YES – I care one heck of a lot about Diabetes now

– because we fight it every.single.day.

Trying to keep Eden alive and as

healthy and happy as possible,

whilst at the same time trying to

teach her to one day do it all on her own.


At this stage of her life I want her to still be a kid – to take on some of the responsibilities of the disease but not all of them. I will shoulder the rest of it for her – I am her mother – just being a mother changes you as a person. Being the mother of a child with a lifelong, incurable illness adds a whole other dimension that you couldn’t even possibly comprehend unless you lived it. I deal with the feelings as a parent – I don’t even have a clue what it actually feels like to HAVE Type 1 Diabetes.


I am changed forever… our family is stronger for it…

If you do not currently live with D

– I hope you never truly understand what it is like.


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