Not going to lie – I’m nervous…


Eden has her first taste of Middle School tomorrow..

They have what is called “Premier Day” where the incoming 6th graders get a morning of fun activities and an orientation which is lead by a group of selected 8th graders. (called WEB leaders) Eden’s sister is actually one of these WEB leaders – but Eden is not in her group of students.

For 5 hours tomorrow (I will be dropping Eden a little early with her sister) – Eden will be on her own. She will be for the most part with a small group of 6th grade students and her 2 WEB leaders.


Eden will be carrying her medical kit around with her – and I expect her to listen to her body and test and eat if she feels she needs to.


  • Eden will be eating lunch with her new 6th grade class and leaders so she MUST test her blood sugar and dose her insulin.
  • Eden will have her phone and I will expect her to text me her blood sugar numbers when she tests.
  • There will be a nurse at the school if an issue arises – even though the school year has not technically started yet.
  • I have told Ally to look out for her sister – I am not entirely sure what type of activities they will be participating in and I certainly don’t want Eden leaving her medical kit goodness knows where.


Why am I nervous?

Because you just NEVER know what D might throw at you on any given day.


Due to Summer – Eden’s schedule has been completely out of whack and that in turn can throw her blood sugar levels into a tailspin. The teachers do not yet know Eden or of her needs because we have yet to meet with them to go over her medical plan.


I have complete confidence that Eden knows what she SHOULD do – I’m just crossing my fingers that she doesn’t feel self conscious about DOING the right thing for her health and well being even if it may be a little disruptive to the group.


  • I hope that Eden stands up for herself if she gets called out for eating or using her phone
  • I hope that Eden’s blood sugar doesn’t skyrocket due to nerves – leaving her in a haze and unable to concentrate
  • I hope that Eden’s blood sugar doesn’t drop too low – leaving her feeling shaky and weak
  • I hope that Eden has fun and enjoys tomorrow and all the activities that have been planned


No doubt – my phone will be attached to my hip and I will be checking it multiple times during those 5 hours.


I have confidence in Eden – but I’m not going to lie

– I’m nervous…

Diabetes doesn’t always like to play fair..


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