One of THOSE kinds of nights …


Our night last night ..



Nothing like basically getting NO decent sleep and having to wake Eden multiple times to eat sugar and drink a juice when she does NOT want to. Obviously non-negotiable in the middle of the night – but when you are completely exhausted and hovering over your child whilst she takes a sip and passes it back multiple times not wanting to finish it – it makes it that much harder.

On top of that, in my delirium I had to poke, poke and re-poke her poor fingers because I didn’t draw enough blood and got 2 strip errors when trying to test her blood sugar.

Between 9pm and 6am she had her finger poked, drawing blood  – TEN TIMES – getting a result only 8. Our insurance only covers TEN test strips a day – yet we went through that quota in less than 12 hours yesterday…


This is the type of stuff people don’t see or talk about…

This is the type of stuff related to Type 1 Diabetes that causes stress and worry night after night…



I am one tired momma today …


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