Who the heck knows ??


I knew that today was going to be a challenge – just didn’t know how big of a challenge until just before 9am..

Eden has another basketball training camp this weekend. 9am – 3pm – Saturday and Sunday.

She doesn’t like to wear her insulin pump while she plays basketball – fine for a 2 hour practice or game but it is just TOO long to be disconnected for 5-6 hours – getting zero insulin.

When she did all of her other full day camps this Summer, Eden was on a break from her pump and getting injections. That meant that she had her long acting insulin in her system to help maintain her blood sugar levels.

With no long acting insulin in her system today I had no idea how her blood sugar would be – even though she was going to be physically active the entire day..

Getting out the door this morning, Eden didn’t want breakfast. For some reason – this is a new thing for her. I stood my ground and made her eat something because I knew it would be an intense day and she would need all the energy and fuel she could get..

As usual – before taking the court – she disconnected her pump.. I wasn’t going to have her test – she had just eaten 30 minutes earlier. I was scrolling through the settings on her pump to see how much insulin she still had active in her system so I would have an idea of when she should test her blood sugar next.


Yup – Eden ATE breakfast, but FORGOT to give herself insulin….

ARGGGGHHHH…. test blood sugar – of course she is well over 300 because she had zero insulin with her breakfast.


… just what we needed…


Worst way ever to start off the day – I was already not sure what we had in store today.

  • I had no idea how much her blood sugar was going to continue to climb for not dosing for her breakfast
  • She was disconnecting her pump so I had no idea how much her blood sugar would climb from being disconnected
  • Her blood sugar quite often rises due to adrenaline


  • She has a stuffy nose – any illness causes higher blood sugars – even a seemingly simple stuffy nose

Running through my mind

How on earth was I going to figure this out? Keep her safe, with her head clear and focused.

Not give her too much insulin – or too little – with all of these unanswered questions? 

Over the next hour her blood sugar continued to climb higher and higher – topping out at 397. I made her connect her pump and wear it – not making her terribly happy – but it was either that or sit out until we got her blood sugar under control.

Lunch break and things were looking better.. At the end of the day – her blood sugar was PERFECT…

TOTAL FLUKE – I had no clue what the heck I was doing and was constantly second guessing my decisions as I sat there watching her play.

Things have worked out for now – only thing to worry about tonight – if her morning numbers were truly adrenaline highs – then she could totally crash later… hmmm… or will the usual highs from her stuffy nose help to keep her steady counterbalancing the low?


Some days it is a total guessing game and I feel like I have no idea what the heck I am doing..

and it my daughters LIFE I am toying with…

sure wish my girl could just go and play the game she loves without all of this crap going on in the background…


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