What was I thinking ??


We had ZERO issues today at basketball camp and were able to manage things perfectly.. Thankfully we did not have a repeat of yesterday (see here) and it was pretty much smooth sailing blood sugar wise – even without Eden wearing her pump. YAY 🙂


We start next week with another 2 full days of basketball camp, a JDRF Golf Tournament to make an appearance at, an Endo appointment, first day of Middle School and a new season of basketball including 3 nights of practice and 1 scrimmage.

Oh, and I need to finish all of Eden’s back to school emergency kits, get her prescriptions in order and fit in a meeting at the school somewhere with all of her new teachers… hmmm….. that’s an important one that hasn’t even been scheduled yet..


yikes.. I’m feeling very behind all of a sudden and am exhausted just thinking about everything..


Too bad we couldn’t ease into things a bit more – but of course everything decided to happen at once. Sure glad Eden is young and full of energy – I’m certainly not – especially after another night of pretty much no sleep last night trying to keep her blood sugars in a safe range for sleeping.

The mix of early mornings, late nights and little to no sleep monitoring Eden and I’m pretty much sure I’m going to collapse in a heap the first opportunity I get.


We are going to have to work extremely hard to anticipate low blood sugars on the first day of school due to 4 full days of intense exercise leading up to it… Eden’s blood sugar usually runs considerably lower as the days progress…


Everything is about to get CRAZY..

What was I thinking???

Maybe its a good thing we will be kept so busy right before school goes back?  maybe not?

I’m not quite sure yet – I do know I’m ready for a nap 😉


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