Anxiety level – HIGH …

It is finally here – Eden’s first day of Middle School – 6th Grade !

Eden was not excited – not nervous – not really anything – except totally bummed that she had to miss 3 days of JT Elite Basketball Camp because school was starting.. 


Yesterday she said “stupid school” – and I kinda had to agree with her on that one – she was having SO much fun at basketball camp and I would have loved to be able to oblige her in skipping the first 3 days of school 🙂


Getting a child ready for school with Type 1 Diabetes comes with a LOT of extra challenges and anxiety… I can’t just count down the days anymore and do a little happy dance when I drop them back to school because I am free … It is incredibly stressful – takes a LOT of planning and preparation on my part to make sure that all of the documents, supplies and support is in place to ensure she is SAFE at school when I drop her off for the day..


classroom D supplies

classroom D supplies


This year there was the added stress because it was a new school, new campus, new teachers and we are having Eden step away from going to the nurses office to test her blood sugar. She is going to be on her own unless of course there is a problem. But, she needs to be confident enough to speak UP if there is a problem in all of the new surroundings..


A little additional stress for me is the fact that teachers only went back yesterday!!! I didn’t realize they went back so late and I was expecting teacher meetings PRIOR to school starting so that my mind would be put at ease.. 


The fact that the teachers at least KNEW

about Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes..

had READ the note the nurse put in their cubby.

Unfortunately, that anxiety has not been quelled.


Not only do the teachers need to know the symptoms if something is wrong – but the fact that she may need to check her blood sugar, eat a snack in the classroom and use her telephone to contact me. Her pump makes beeping noises when she uses it. It alarms every now and again when something needs to be attended to.  Kids aren’t supposed to have electronics – so the teachers need to know..


I want Eden to feel completely comfortable testing her blood sugar in class.. It was suggested she go to the bathroom or into a separate room.. I don’t really like that idea… I would think that would be much more disruptive to the class than just sitting at her desk. If Eden is comfortable testing at her desk – I WANT her to test at her desk! Eden can make that decision…


All of this might not seem like a big deal to non-D parents – but it IS a BIG DEAL… It is my childs LIFE, her emotional and physical well being. T1D carries a HUGE emotional side that rarely gets addressed.


As Eden’s mother – I NEED TO KNOW that she is completely and utterly safe whilst at school. T1D is totally unpredictable and you just never know what could be thrown your way on any given day.. I don’t just drop her off at anyones house without knowing she is in good hands – why would school be any different?

It is my JOB as her mother to advocate for her –

of course the school wants her to be

safe and healthy too,

but they have so many other children to focus on –

I KNOW that my child is not the only priority..

but she is MY priority..


8 thoughts on “Anxiety level – HIGH …

  1. Amen. First day of school for us did not go over well. She had her lowest BG level so far..47. Poor teacher panicked and dragged her to the nurses office. Phone call from mom to calm teacher and remind her of the steps to take and remind her that my kid is a rock star and knows how to take care of her lows. Day 2 went much better. Only a low of 67, but teacher let my girl handle it and they went about their day.

  2. I saw your containers and thought…GENIUS! My husband was diagnosed with Type 1 last year at age 40. It has been a challenging year as so many old habits die hard. The containers will be great for him to keep at work, for business trips etc. Instead of me always having to check to make sure he has a juice box and snack. I can just put one in every place he may need. I don’t know why I didn’t think of more than one. Thank you for being brilliant for me!

    • thanks Rebecca! we carry low supplies with us everywhere we go too and have them stashed in the car .. the trick is to replenish the stash when you use it! sometimes that will slip through the cracks.. I can’t imagine a diagnosis at 40 – would love to hear more about his story and maybe even share here to help spread awareness ! feel free to shoot me an email if you think he might be interested. and of course – thanks for reading! 🙂

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