Chasing a Moving Target..…


Back to school – Back to reality!

We all survived the first day back to school… Quite honestly I was a nervous wreck – anxious that Eden, the girl of very few words, would speak up if something was wrong.. Especially given the fact that I didn’t know what the teachers knew or didn’t know about her Type 1 Diabetes. She had 4 days of exercise filled days leading up to the first day of school which in past experience caused her blood sugar to run on the very low end and needing treatment. All was good – she managed everything herself and her blood sugar was in perfect range after school 🙂

Eden even volunteered to hand out all of the medical supply boxes to each of her new teachers!


This was something I had wanted and expected to have been done prior to the first day… The fact that Eden offered to do it on her OWN – was huge.. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention, she doesn’t like to talk about her diabetes and quite honestly doesn’t even like to talk much at all.


Not knowing any of the 6 teachers – Eden walked up to them, explained she was T1D and that the supplies were in case she needed them…


That in itself was a big win in my world…


Now we are back to reality and will have some semblance of a routine – I need to re-look at the report from her Endo appointment the other day.. (see here)




Here is a little snapshot of Eden’s insulin pump settings – and her Drs notes scribbled on them with the modifications he thinks we should make. Note: we also make changes regularly on our own in between Dr. appointments..


A few of these changes are “if this – then that” changes…


My struggle – “if this” doesn’t always happen with regularity….

so why would I do “then that” ?


The more I look at them over and over, the more I think that I’m going to sit on these changes a little while longer ..


  • earlier mornings
  • earlier breakfasts
  • PE at school
  • later lunch
  • earlier dinners
  • 5 nights a week of basketball – some intense – some not


All new this week.. and all of these things are going to factor in to Eden’s blood sugar levels and the changes we make – or at least which ones we make first… and then – once we make them, everything will no doubt change again..

Type 1 Diabetes is a moving target

that we are constantly chasing


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