Testing, Testing, Testing…


As I posted the other day on one of my Blogs (here) – we went through 10 test strips in less than 12 hours the other night…

Eden’s current prescription – which was a pain to get authorized – allows for testing blood sugar up to 10 times a day.

Clearly, that is NOT enough…

When at the doctor the other day I asked him if we could get a prescription for more.. He upped it to 12 times a day – but did mention that he had not had much luck getting insurance approval in the past for that amount of testing..



This is another part of Type 1 Diabetes that is

SO incredibly FRUSTRATING !!!!!


The more often Eden tests her blood sugar, the better we can control her blood sugar numbers. MORE testing should be ENCOURAGED to eliminate extreme high and low blood sugars and complications that require an ER visit or hospitalization… Eden being hospitalized will cost the insurance company more in the long run then allowing us the blood testing supplies we need…



We used to have a nice stock pile of test strips…

This Summer we went through ALL OF IT..

We are down to ONE BOX of 50 test strips..


I just went to the pharmacy and of course the new amount has not been approved yet.. Goodness knows how long it might take..


Insurance doesn’t care 


  • That I needed to send extra supplies to school.
  • That I need to keep extra supplies in my purse in case Eden’s kit runs dry
  • That we can waste a couple of strips a week from strip errors or for testing without hand washing
  • That Eden is extremely active and to keep her SAFE we NEED to test her more than 10 times a day..


Yes, we can buy them out of pocket – but they are EXPENSIVE…

and we shouldn’t have to…


3 thoughts on “Testing, Testing, Testing…

  1. Right there with you. I end up purchasing an extra 50-100 per month to meet my testing needs. There’s nothing worse than getting the dreaded “Error” message on your meter. I see dollar signs flash before my eyes.

  2. I gave up on insurance covering all my testing needs years ago. Go on Amazon and order a cheap Prodigy meter and 500 strips all for probably around $50-60 bucks to have as backup when her prescription strips run out and keep on test, test, testing! It’s the only way to really be in control

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